Why “Berserkergang”? Berserkergang is referenced in Norse Mythology. It is the state of going berserk. Berserkers were Odin’s Viking warriors that would be in a trance like state. They would wear wolf or bear pelts. Some wore armor while others wore none. There are many stories of berserkers that bit their shields…they slew men, but neither fire nor iron had effect upon them.  Screaming rages of pure fury.

Do you Go Berserk? Our athletes do. They give it their all. Maybe its just a Cross Nutrition Pre-workout drink instead of drugs and drinking blood that get them to the state of Going Berserk, but they give it their all and Always Hit Their Mark!


Carleen Mathews


Carleen Mathews has CrossFit tattooed on her heart! Carleen’s passion and love for competitive sports started at a young age. Throughout high school she poured her energy into competitive soccer and softball. That drive and dedication paid off when Carleen was awarded a scholarship to play softball at Clackamas Community College as a pitcher. During Carleen’s second season she suffered an injury, which resulted in a red shirt year and a transfer to St. Martins University in Lacey, WA and eventually finishing her softball career at Concordia University with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Carleen struggled to find that healthy balance of competitive comradery  in her life following her softball career, until she found CrossFit in December 2010. After her first week of CrossFit, Carleen found what she was searching for and fell in love. A year into CrossFit, Carleen competed in her first local competition, where she took 8th place, and was hooked.

In May of 2012, Carleen took the Level 1 seminar and began doing one-on-one work with individuals, coaching classes, and offering private sport specific training. In October of 2014 Carleen and her husband took over at CrossFit St Helens, in St Helens OR.

Carleen believes that everyone has an inner athlete inside of them and is passionate about bringing that out of people to help them reach goals they never thought possible.  Carleen is passionate about every avenue of the CrossFit program and lifestyle.  She loves coaching, lives to compete and believes wholeheartedly that CrossFit changes and saves lives.

31 yrs old
Born in Longview wa, lives in St Helens Or
Started Crossfit dec 2010
Owns CrossFit St. Helens
Coach Chris Mcdonald

Crossfit comps:
2nd Place Team Ft. Vancouver invitational
8th place Team CFG Team Series 2014
6th place 2014 Granite Games
1st place Granite Games 2014 qualifier
4th Place NW Regionals
21st place World Wide Open
2nd place NW CrossFit Games Open
21st place OC Throwdown
6th place OC Throwdown qualifier
1st place 2013 Oregon Summer Games
1st place 2013 Sasquatch throwdown
9th place 2013 NW Regionals
6th place 2013 CrossFit Games Open Northwest
1st place 2013 Oregon winter games
8th place 2012 Gorilla Games
3rd place Lane 5 CrossFit Redline Games
1st place CrossFit 503 Woof WOD
3rd place 2012 Crossfit XFactor Throwdown
3rd place 2012 Oregon Summer Games
18th place 2012 CrossFit Games NW Regionals
46th place 2012 CrossFit Games Open Northwest
9th place 2012 Oregon Winter Games

Deadlift: 355
Back squat: 285
Clean & Jerk: 205
Squat Clean: 225
Snatch: 165
Overhead Squat: 207
Bench press: 175
500m row: 1:53
400m run: 1:21
2k row: 7:56
L-sit: 60 seconds
Max c2b: 32

Goals in Crossfit:
300 club back squat
Top 3 at regionals
Compete in the games
175# snatch
Get mobility cert.
Go to cf competitors course

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Snap Chat @Teamcarleen


Leilani Lopes

I started my CrossFit journey at the age of 12 before club soccer practice. My dad and I would work out on the concrete with one mat and a bale of hay for box jumps. My club soccer career ended at the end of 8th grade due to a knee injury. At the start of high school my dad told me that going to CrossFit Oregon City would benefit me and make my knee better. I let every sport go to focus on training. I want to make it to the games in 2016. I'm 17 now and working towards the CrossFit Games and Junior Nationals in the 63/69 kg class. My favorite girl is Fran and my least favorite is Helen. 

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Maggie Pairan

When I started Crossfit a year ago I wanted to get stronger for other sports. Previous to Crossfit I was a national level Ice dancer and I played several school sports. A year ago I decided to quit all sports and compete in Crossfit. I am 14 years old and I hope to make it to the 2017 Crossfit Games in the teenage division.


Rylie Krahn

I started CrossFit in April of 2015, going to workout one or two days a week. At the time I was occasionally working out to get stronger for track, pole vaulting, and cross country. My whole family does CrossFitu, and my parents also coach at the box I go to.  In about June of 2016, I started actually training for the CrossFit Games. I am 14 years old, and my goal is to qualify for the CrossFit Games in 2017. I also do Olympic lifting and hold the state records for the clean and jerk and the total in the 53 kg class.
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Hannah Jennings

I graduate college in May 2017 with a masters in Athletic Coaching Education. I’ve been in college for the past six years, where I also gained my bachelors in Animal Nutritional Sciences.

Somewhere between deciding I didn’t want to be a veterinarian and wanted to pursue getting strong, I decided to be a competitive powerlifter my junior year of college. 

I have been lifting weights for almost a decade, and have been competing for the last four years. During this time I’ve become the Strongman Cooperation's WV state champion, and hold state records in Stone Over Bar (Raw, no tacky) and Max deadlift. For powerlifting I hold records in the 132lb weight class in the squat, bench, and deadlift under the United States Powerlifting Association. I recently did a federation change, and have become the WV state referee for United States Powerlifting and plan to compete in USA Powerlifting later this year.  

The real power I have found during my time of lifting though, is pursuing Strong(wo)man. Competing and training in Strongman has made me more confident and has pushed me to limits I didn't think possible.  With new confidence in myself, the goal is to help every woman I possibly can try this unique and empowering sport.

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Olivia Partington

My fitness journey has been a melting pot of everything I can try my hand at. In 2013 I started running half marathons, which evolved into Tough Mudders and Spartan Races, which finally evolved into CrossFit and bodybuilding competitions. My life is full-time fitness, studying Health Sciences in college, having managed gyms in the Seattle area, and now helping to open up Cue CrossFit in Pioneer Square. I started bodybuilding in the Bikini division about two years ago and have competed six times, placing in the top five five times. I am the Team Captain of my bodybuilding team which has given me the great opportunity to mentor other women in their fitness journeys. I love the combination of CrossFit and bodybuilding, as CrossFit satisfies my love of the process while bodybuilding allows me to celebrate that hard work's final result. My love of fitness really stems from the combination of science and grit that produces measurable results in both strength and physique. I love being stronger than people think - which I think we all are!
Instagram: @oliviapartington

KC Kerker

BIO Coming soon.


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